Time Cell* 7.0

Automated Time & Expense Tracking for Work Groups

*suitable alternative for CaptureWorks JobCapture


Mac OS X 10.9+ (Mavericks)**

** can be used in conjunction with CaptureWorks JobCapture 6 for older systems


Main Features
•  Automatically times work in unlimited simultaneous open documents with no overlaps and takes into account idle time if you walk away. Manual timer also provided for non-computer work.

Benefit: The small things you do don't go unnoticed or unrecorded, yet you'll spend less effort getting this "hi resolution" work information. This makes more and costs less at the same time...a double bonus!

•  Works for individuals or large companies.

Benefit: No matter what size of business you have, Time Cell can scale to it.

•  Workflow innovations like Document Shepherding and Work History Palette.

Benefit: Using Time Cell can actually help you better organize your work and access important documents you are working with from one location.

•  Free Manager application included which both sends new job information and collects all incoming work data. It also makes detailed reports and invoices. Collect data locally or across the Internet from multiple locations.

Benefit: You get the power of a serious client-server app but at no extra cost and is easy to set up.

•  SQLite database built in on Mac and ADO. NET on Windows. Both client and server application use db technology effectively.

Benefit: You get award-winning, state-of-the-art database technology which has a bright future so you can bank on it.

Collects "hi-resolution" work data. for more potential billing. Companies or individuals gain unprecedented insight into the details of work and get the real picture.

Benefit: You'll be amazed how much money you were leaving on the table or how far off your estimates were when you see the real info. The benefits are obvious.

Many user-friendly, user-helpful features added to make acceptance assured.

Benefit: This makes it easier to deploy because the happier everybody is, the faster they adapt to change.

Forward compatible so as you upgrade machines older versions of Time Cell will still be "understood" by newer versions.

Benefit: This way as new systems come out and you buy them, your old systems can still send data and our newer versions can understand the XML.

•   Easy, auto -configure setup for network client software...run and go.

Benefit: Less IT hassles and faster deployment

•   Elegant invoicing system for smaller companies. Larger companies can use built-in database connectors to input and output into the system.

Benefit: Smaller companies and individuals can save on additional software and larger ones can tie into serious corporate accounting software.

Industrial Strength Technology:
•   TCP/IP enabled for use over local networks or across the world
•   Fully automated ODBC, XML or tabbed-text Import and Export of all data
•   CaptureConnect SDK allows seamless integration for 3rd parties to any system
•   Embedded SQLite and ADO database technologies with capacity for handling much larger DBs scalable to thousands of users
•   All communications are done via encrypted XML
•   All data is backed up automatically in several ways with a fallback emergency backup also created

Excellent Reporting and Analysis:
•   Unprecedented real-time data delivers the "now" picture. Never before has work data been this accurate and this complete.
•   Powerful, customizable summary reports, including budget and activity timelines
•   Built-in pie charts and other printable reporting
•   Fully analyze resource usage by user, department, office, application, activity, and many other criteria
•   Create accurate estimates based on real data
•   "Live Picture" feature enables managers to monitor current activities and open jobs

Fully Customizable:
•   Great variety of deployment options which can be tailored to each department:
   + Job Jacket size and also control what's included in job jacket
   + Whether users can cancel or quit
   + How users send time and how time is rounded
   + Whether users can edit time or if only user-entered time is sent
   + Non job jacket time tracking
   + Job numbers from path
   + Job numbers from file name
   + Whether users can add new clients or job numbers remotely
   + Field labels and Much more
•   Unlimited capacity for activity categories and customization of activity lists
•   More control over preferences, including timing parameters such as how much idle time passes before work timer pauses, billing intervals, what to track and much more!
•   Control user privileges from central location

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